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Our Disney Vacation

Cinderella's Castle


Our trip to Florida was an absolutely magical experience. We made it to all 4 Disney World theme parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom. We also went to the coast one day. The weather was amazing! It was in the upper 70's to mid 80's the whole time. We had a blast! It was so fun for Chad and I to share the magic with Autumn and Wiley. Below are some photos I took on or trip. Put your mouse on each photo for a description. IE users, if an image shows up broken, right click on it and select show picture.


Wiley on the magical ferry ride to the Magic Kingdom

Autumn and Wiley in front of Cinderella's Castle

Autumn and Snow White

Autumn and Wiley, the new Mousekateers

Wiley and Mickey Mouse

Wiley at Cocoa Beach, FL

Wiley with my Dad (Grandpa Brad)

Wiley and Chad at Cocoa Beach

Mom and Wiley at Cocoa Beach

Bear In The Big Blue House Live on Stage

Donald Duck marching along

Two Beauties. Autumn and Belle

Wiley with King Louie

Autumn and Jessie (from Toy Story 2)

Autumn with Minnie Mouse

Goofy acting, well, GOOFY with Autumn

Chad and Wiley on the Dumbo ride

Autumn with Cruella De Vil

Autumn and Wiley with Cinderella


Autumn proudly displays her kiss from Cinderella

Wiley and Autumn enjoying a bath with their Aunt Haley

Wiley by his favorite Dinosaur "Aladar"

Here is a statue in Animal Kingdom.  It is so beautiful there

Autumn poses for a photo with Pluto.  She is soaked from going on the water ride 3 times

Autumn gets a kiss from Donald Duck

Autumn puts her hands and feet in Minnie's handprints and footprints

Wiley puts his hands in Mickey's handprints at MGM Studios

Autumn and Wiley with Floyd

Wiley on Cinderella's Carosel

Snow White gives Autumn a hug

Wiley and Autumn share a Mickey ice cream sandwich

Autumn and Mickey Mouse

Autumn at Cocoa Beach

Autumn and her Aunt Colleen wading in the ocean

Wiley playing in the sand at Cocoa Beach

Wiley and Dad at Disney's MGM Studios

Mickey leads the parade in Disney's MGM Studios

Autumn talks to Belle

Wiley and Belle

Autumn and King Louie

Autumn and Rafiki from the Lion King

Wiley and Minnie Mouse

Autumn and Goofy

Mickey and Minnie out for a stroll in Frontierland

Autumn's favorite villians, Maleficent and the Wicked Queen in the parade

Cinderella kisses my little prince

Wiley shows off his kiss from Cinderella

Autumn and Wiley in the playground in Toontown

Wiley being silly at Animal Kingdom

Wiley poses with another dinosaur. He REALLY likes dinosaurs!

An elephant we saw on the Kilimanjaro Safari

Autumn gives Pluto a kiss

Autumn an Donald Duck

Mickey's hat in MGM Studios

If you have trouble viewing the photos, they can also be viewed in my Yahoo online album.