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Pretty As A Picture Photo Enhancements
Important info

Here are a few examples of enhancements I have done.  In the world of photo enhancing, the possibilities are endless.  If you want something specific for an enhancement and you would like to know if I can do it, just email me.

ordinary snapshot to an extraordinary headshot

Have a snapshot transformed into a beautiful studio style headshot.

Make a sweet photo look even sweeter

Here you can see two different enhancements from the same photo.

Adding a hint of color can really liven up a black and white photo.

Oh, what a little color can do!

Here you can see a patriotic themed enhancement

Photo enhancements can put your little one in an imaginary world.

Put your little one in a fantasy world

With some color adjustment, smoothing and background change, this photo goes from so-so to striking.

bring out your baby's beauty

A little enhancing can turn this little cutie into a classic beauty


Here you can see the amazing results that can be achieved with a background change.


What a difference a little enhancing can make.  Here you can really see how enhancing can make a photo much more appealing.

Pretty Rachel

Here you can see a photo transformed with some enhancing magic

turn a nice shot into a glam shot

Here, you can see snapshots transformed with angellic results

Little Angels will win your heart over

Little angels are such treasures

Little Angel

Here you can see what a big difference a little enhancing can make.  I added make-up, new background, and fixed the hair.


Here you can see how a snapshot can transform into a dramatic headshot.


Here, a nice shot goes to a whole new level.  I have added make-up, background change, color adjustment, brought out the eyes, and removed her arms and hands to put the attention on the face.

I can remove someone from a photo to meet the needs of a specific project or contest. 

remove someone from a photo

I will add more examples periodically.  I reserve the right to use any enhancement I do for an example.

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